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Electrodermal Analysis (EDA) Testing

EDA testing offers the most comprehensive, non-invasive test available today for determining the health of major systems in the body.

Its success comes from the ability to pinpoint core issues in the body instead of looking at just the symptoms.  The equipment is an FDA Class II device.  Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between using this type of technology and detecting pathology in the body.


Our practitioners use the EDA testing to customize individual health protocols for each patient.  Instead of treating a patient's individual symptoms, The Health Spot examines why those symptoms are occurring in the individual.  Once the core issues are determined the patient receives a health protocol that is specific to the needs of their body. Once on the protocol, most patients see a great reduction if not elimination of their symptoms and are able to get off their protocols permanently.


After each visit a patient will receive a chart reading of their test as well as a protocol report explaining in detail what the protocol entails.  EDA testing is a critical tool that distinguishes the Health Spot as an exceptional family practice and treatment facility for those suffering from chronic conditions.

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