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The Health Spot has helped countless customers cure their persistent health problems when other medical professionals couldn't. Continue reading to learn what our patients have to say about us.

Have you had a great experience with The Health Spot? Please leave us a review.


Please tell Holly THANK YOU from me -- to me, this was the best decision we ever made to go to the Health Spot, even though it is so far from our home.  My doctor here wouldn't even test me for B12 before.  (He is no longer my doctor now, but I couldn't  find another one who knew anything about B12 levels).  Please know I am so grateful, and please tell Holly I appreciate her openness and knowledge.  Without her knowledge, I literally think I would have lapsed into a terrible terrible place.  It is worth it to go there, for sure.


- Janet -

 Finally, a REAL Health Care Setting

Although in good shape for years, I began to experience subtle symptoms and "flares" that increased with time. MANY Docs I went to did little or quickly offered statins, bone drugs, acid reflux medicine or psychiatric help (all of which I rejected)! When I finally found The Health Spot, I was amazed that the assessment included a lengthy medical history and a surprisingly accurate "scan". My medical DNA swab revealed that I was a low methylator etc.. But, the biggest breakthrough came when additional tests were ordered, including a UBBC (unsaturated B12 Binding Capacity) which confirmed I had inherited the PA that 3 of my gg-aunts suffered with and died early from! I was shocked! The Health Spot literally saved my life! A special shout out to the London Pernicious Anemia Society, as well.

- Linda S. -

Thanks Pam and Team For Assisting Me With Changing My Life

My buddy Amir and his wife Karen told me and my wife Val that we needed to go see their new friend Pam. She was assisting Amir with some health issues he was having and the results in the short time he had experienced was off the charts. So Val and I went to see Pam and the team at the Health Spot. We have been a client of the Health Spot for over a year now and are extinctic of our results. On 10-13-2021my blood report came back with my A1-C at a 7.2 and my blood pressure was 158/92. I was socked due to my A1-C being 5.9 for a decade and my blood pressure always being around 135/80. I had not changed my diet or activity at all so was concerned of the sudden change. With Pam and her team we changed a few things and am happy to say as of 1-12-2022 my A1-C is down to 5.2 which is way below pre-diabetic levels and my blood pressure is now 122/70. My energy level is better than it has been in years and i have let go of 26 LBS. All these changes have been since 10-13-2021 till 1-12-2022. Thanks Pam and Team for assisting me with changing my life.


I Have Been Given The Tools To Better Myself, My Mind and Body!

I have been going to The Health Spot of Sandy, Utah for over 3 plus years now and they are great with all my Health Care needs. They just added some additional procedures in the medical spa department! Votiva & Morpheus8 treatments for body, face & skin...which I think is a great addition to their health care services. I have been given the information & tools from my Dr & all the staff at The Health Spot of Sandy, Utah to be able to better myself, my mind & body!

Tiana A.

I Wish The Health Spot Was Available to Everyone!

I have been suffering with seizures for over 5 years. All the doctors I saw, the tests and treatments that were done over several years and still no one could figure out why I was having seizures. I was referred to the Health Spot by my son in law and I have never felt better. The Health Spot providers are very knowledgeable, attentive, caring and willing to go the extra mile to figure out what can be done to treat and heal me. 7 years ago I ran several half marathons and a full marathon. I was in the best shape of my life and I thought I was at my healthiest. When I came to The Health Spot and the Bio Meridian was performed on me for the first time I was shocked. After several months of treatment, I couldn't believe how I felt. I thought when I was running I was in the best health and didn't feel bad. My 'A' game so to speak. After having treatment it made me realize that even at my best I wasn't in the best health, more like a 'C' game. I wish the Health Spot was available to everyone all over the country. I refer anyone I meet that expresses a need for medical care. Why would you want to continue to take medication or see providers that could possibly not be helping? You have nothing to loose by one appointment.


Denise Z.

I Love The Health Spot!

Simply love this place! Everyone is so friendly and they make me feel like their only patient.


Alice C.

Neuropathy Program

"This should be your first stop if you are having the Burning Cold in your Legs and the Stabbing Pains in your feet. This Program has worked for me and with No prescription medications. Michael and Katie Thank You for all you have done!"



I am forever grateful for The Health Spot

Before I came to the Health Spot I had been struggling with my health for 15-plus years with no real answers. I had muscle and joint pain, headaches, great fatigue, hormone problems, Thyroid problems, digestive struggles and the list goes on and on. I had been given a lot of different diagnosis's including being told it was all in my head. I was put on so many different prescriptions with really no relief and again no answers.


I wanted to heal not just cover up my symptoms. When I came into the Health Spot over 5 years ago I sat down to have my first BioMeridian test a little skeptical, but had nothing to lose. I hadn’t shared much more than my name before the test was given so when the test results showed EVERYTHING I had been telling doctors for years I was blown away. I couldn’t believe for the first time I was validated in all that I was dealing with and also there were answers to why I was feeling the way I was. It was immediately pointed out to me that my symptoms were coming from an organ that had never been targeted before. It was amazing.


Since going to the Health Spot my health has definitely improved and I have also had healing as well. I am only on one prescription now and use the Metagenics products to continue to help with my healing process. The staff at the Health Spot has been very supportive and most of all really listen to my concerns and want to help me heal not just put a Band-Aid on my health issues. I have recommended the Health Spot to my family and friends and many of them have found great success as well. I am forever grateful for the Health Spot and all they have done for me!



Bio Meridian Testing has Been a Blessing in my Life

Before going to the Health Spot, I was in and out of doctor offices begging for someone to help me. I was feeling sad all the time, it felt like my body was putting on weight daily, bloating like crazy, I had stomach pains and digestive issues. I was tired and just didn't feel well at all.  I am a clean eater and exercise every day.  I could not figure out why I was feeling so awful when I was trying so hard to be healthy.  


I found a doctor that started treating me for thyroid and other hormone issues.  I was put on numerous medications that were not helping me at all.  I really felt worse!  Every time I would go in to this office with a symptom another prescription was written and I would be sent on my way. After six months with this doctor and feeling worse I started getting angry and fed up with this process.  I knew that there had to be something or someone else out there that could help me feel well again. A friend referred me to the Health Spot and I immediately made an appointment.  


The first time I had the BioMerdian testing done, I was a little skeptical.  However, this testing has turned out to be a blessing in my life.  It is very effective and very informative.  I am amazed at what I can find out about my body and how a simple change in my diet or a small supplement can make me feel a hundred times better.  I have learned what foods my body can't digest well and what supplements I am allergic to.  I haven't had a major stomach ache since I have found the Health Spot.


All the staff at the Health Spot are professional, helpful, knowledgeable and caring.  I have always been welcomed and listened to.  I have not had one negative experience at any of my appointments.  Every appointment ends with me leaving happy and feeling positive about my health.


I love all the Metagenics Products I have been taking as well.  I feel a difference in my mind and body when I use my products daily and I have even lost weight.  I feel like I have found a great place to invest in my health.  It is easy to spend money on something when I know it is really helping me. I truly believe that this is the best place for everyone to find out what can make their body healthy and I refer every single person I know. I have been extremely happy since I found the Health Spot and I won't ever go anywhere else.



The Health Spot Saved My Life

The Health Spot saved my life! I laid down to die! I was sleeping 20+ hours a day and would only open my eyes to take a drink. I was crawling down the hall to the bathroom and back, I was so weak. This is when a medical professional suggested I see Pam at The Health Spot to see if she could help me in any way.


I have dealt with Crohn’s disease for 25 years. I have taken several medications over the years including several years of Remicade resulting in an anaphylactic reaction as well as severer reactions to Humira. My Gastroenterologists told me I better pray for a new medication to be invented, that is not a sister drug, because there was nothing left to help me stay alive!

I have seen a nationally recognized Cardiologist that informed me he would give my heart half a chance when I get my Crohn’s disease under control. He just kept prescribing me pill after pill to try and raise my blood pressure and lower my pulse. If I stand up for 18 minutes my heart stops and I pass out. Right now my heart restarts itself so I cannot have a pacemaker.

The Bio Meridian testing by Pam has shown numerous medical issues I am dealing including some I didn’t even know I had. She explains in great detail the results of the test and how each product will help. The testing and protocol help get to the root of the medical issue not just treat the symptoms I’m having.


With Bio Meridian testing and supplements my heart is functioning better and I have had a lot less syncope issues. I had thyroid issues for about 5 years before treatment; after treatment I haven’t had any more issues with my thyroid for the past seven years. The seasonal allergies that I have had since I was a child are almost gone. I have only had asthma problems about twice a year since beginning treatment.

My liver does not function properly. I have severe issues with my liver clearing the toxins out of my body. Until I came to The Health Spot no one believed me that bug spray and weed killer make me sick enough to die! When people spray I start protocol to help my liver detox.

The Bio Meridian testing has helped me understand what foods my body is sensitive to. I now have a very limited diet but my body is dealing much better with digesting the foods I can eat. I have had several allergy tests at my previous doctor’s office and they did not come up with any solutions that worked.


The medical staff work hard and research everything they can do to help improve the wellbeing of every patient. In addition to the oral supplements I get a weekly IV of nutritional support that is compounded especially for me to bypass my digestive system, at The Health Spot. I also get several compounded IM shots a week. The IV specialist is very knowledgeable, kind, and an expert at getting my IV in.

Everyone at The Health Spot is Amazing! I have personally seen all of the Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and technicians. They are all very thorough, knowledgeable, and do all they can to improve my health. All of the staff are like a second family to me. They all know me & my family by name. They make me feel welcome and genuinely care how I am doing every time they see me. If I have any questions or concerns in between appointments I get a quick response.


Although I am not cured I have had much improvement. My quality of life is a lot better than it was when I began treatment. I would not be alive it were not for finding Pam at The Health Spot! It was a blessing that I found The Health Spot. I recommend The Health Spot to everyone I know. 



My First Visit Was Eye Opening

After seeing my son’s health transformation, I decided to see what the Health Spot was all about.  I had been feeling exhausted, among other things, for over a year and had not been able to find any answers through the regular medical channels.


My first visit to the Health Spot was so eye-opening!  The testing Pam used to determine what was going on was fascinating and accurate.  And the supplements and diet she prescribed to turn my health around were extremely effective.  In a matter of days my energy had improved and my “fog” was clearing.  I found the supplements to be worth every dollar I spent on them, and have already weaned off the majority of them and am still doing great!  My daughter and son-in-law have been so impressed with mine and my son’s improvements, that they are now patients of the Health Spot.   


I feel right at home during my visits there as the staff is so friendly and caring.  I experience how genuinely concerned Pam is about my health issues, and together we celebrate every improvement I make along the way.  I am so grateful for the commitment she has to getting me back on the road to good health and giving me tools to help me stay there.



I Was Given New Hope!

After 6 long years of neuropathy pain and going to many doctors who could not cure me, I saw The Health Spot on a commercial and decided to give it a try. After my first appointment, I was given a renewed hope! I completed all the treatments and followed the plan they had for me. 2 1/2 months later, my pain has significantly been reduced! I feel like I have a new life now and can look forward to the future.


Before the treatments, I was taking several prescription medications, had no energy, and had chronic pain. I felt like life was drained out of me. Today, I am no longer taking prescriptions for neuropathy, I have more energy, and am living life once again! The Health Spot has made me a new man! I am very grateful for their caring and professional support in getting my health back.


Struggles with Infertility

Absolutely amazing experience! I have dealt with chronic migraines and stomach issues for the past 10 years. Pam took away my migraines and my stomach issues within 2 months.

On top of these issues I had also been struggling for 9 years with infertility. After going on protocol with the Health Spot, I was pregnant in 4 months and have a healthy baby boy now. Going there and being seen by Pam made my dream of being a mom again come true. I love this place and will be a forever patient.



The Health Spot Saved me from Gallstones

I had gallstones and pancreatitis. I was so scared I was going to have surgery to remove my gall bladder. Never been in so much pain in my life. I got on a protocol and am happy to report I am doing so good. No more attacks and no surgery! I feel amazing!!! Thank you guys!



All My Family Now Comes Here as their Primary Care Provider

I had battled medical issues for 2 years, had been to 4 nationally recognized specialists, and the solution was anti-biotics, prilosec, and more drugs. I felt like all they were doing was trying to manage my symptoms when all I wanted was to fix the root cause of my problem! After a long time of frustration, I found the Health Spot and decided to make an appointment. I went through Bio Meridian testing and was put on a health protocol that was monitored by technicians and medical doctors. Within 2 weeks time, miraculously my medical issues were no more! They found the reason why I was having these issues and helped me correct them. I am so humbled and taken back how this place truly knows medicine and not just drugs. All of my family now comes here as their primary care provider and all of my spouses family does too. I can't say enough good things about this place, I recommend it to anyone who has been frustrated by not getting results with other doctors. This place is unique and the real deal!



I Feel Better Thann I Have in Years

When I first started going to the Health Spot in October 2015, I was having infections of some kind almost everyday and I weighed 265. I couldn't walk very well. I now weigh 210 and I go on morning walks in the park. I still have my ups and downs with a varies infections, but I feel better than I have in years. There are improvements in my life that I know I couldn't get anywhere else except at the Health Spot.



I Feel Better Thann I Have in Years

When I first started going to the Health Spot in October 2015, I was having infections of some kind almost everyday and I weighed 265. I couldn't walk very well. I now weigh 210 and I go on morning walks in the park. I still have my ups and downs with a varies infections, but I feel better than I have in years. There are improvements in my life that I know I couldn't get anywhere else except at the Health Spot.



Only 3 Months..I Have Had So Much Progress

I was in a car accident over 19 years ago, I have seen several doctors, taken lots and lots of medication with absolutely no results (but many side effects). I have been going to the Health Spot for only 3 months and in that short amount of time I have had so much progress. They take the time to listen to what you have to say and explain in detail what their plan of action is. I would recommend the Health Spot to everyone.


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