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The Health Spot Careers

The Health Spot is always seeking committed professionals who care about investing their time and energy into patient care.  A distinguishing characteristic about the Health Spot is the time our staff invests into each patient, so that we may provide the correct medical solution that actually HEALS the patient and makes a LASTING DIFFERENCE. 


- Medical Doctor 


- Nurse Practitioner 

- Technologist (ElectroDermal Analysis Testing, Bio Merdian / Bio Scan Technician)

- Medical Program Manger (Mid Level)

Requires versatile background in sales, marketing, and quality assurance pertaining to business operations.

- Office Manager

- Medical Assistant 

Must be a Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT)

The Health Spot is expanding to other locations and will continue grow.  Currently we are not actively seeking positions to be filled, but we are vigilant and will review resumes as positions may suddenly become available.  If you are interested in joining our distinguished organization, please submit your resume to and we will review and consider all applicants for employment.

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