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Health Care Professionals

The Health Spot has acquired a full-encompassing staff of Health Care Professionals to properly diagnose and treat your medical concerns. Our primary goal is to help patients recover from their conditions and achieve patient satisfaction. We are proud to have a staff of medical professionals who look at all aspects of medicine to ensure you are getting everything you need to feeling well again. Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds and training. They are passionate about their patients feeling success and continuously research the latest medical findings for their patients benefit. Make an appointment today and start the process back to a feel good healthy life.

Sean Rasmussen, MSN, FNP

Sean Rasmussen received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2014. He then went on to get a Master’s Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Brigham Young University.  Sean has worked at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital, the University of Utah Hospital and St. Marks Hospital.  Sean completed his internship at The Health Spot and has been working with us since graduating from BYU.


Sean loves the approach to medicine we take at the clinic and wouldn't want to practice medicine any other way.  He is a firm believer in utilizing modern medicine along with more natural healing to help his patients achieve their health goals.  Sean strives to help his patients live a healthy and happy life.   Outside of taking care of his patients,  Sean loves spending time with his wife and kids.  He is an avid fisher and loves camping and hiking.

Jaclyn Meyer, F.N.P.


Jaclyn moved to Utah with her husband and three children at the beginning of 2024. Prior, she was born and raised and spent her professional career in Kansas City, Missouri. She is eager to explore all that Utah has to offer! She graduated with her BSN (Bachelors in Science of Nursing) in 2010 and started working as an RN in a busy Emergency Dept. With this, she gained experience at a Level 2 trauma center caring for patients ranging from infants to elderly. She worked as a RN for 5.5 years before graduating with a MSN (Masters in Science of Nursing) degree in 2015 and continued work in the same ED as a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner for the next 8 years. 


She possesses a wide range of clinical knowledge and experience and is comfortable seeing patients of all ages. She has a passion for wellness and promoting life to its fullest potential based on her patients needs and desires. Outside of working in healthcare, Jaclyn enjoys cheering on her beloved Kansas City Chiefs, spending time with her children, exercising, listening to audiobooks, and dabbling with sourdough baking. 


Sharilyn Kimball, F.N.P.

Shari Kimball has over 25 years in the medical field. She graduated from Weber State University with her initial nursing degree. Then attended Utah Valley University where she obtained her bachelors in nursing degree. Shari then obtained her Doctorate Nurse Practitioner in 2011 from the University of Utah. She is board certified in family practice. Shari’s comfortable treating all age ranges but she will admit her passion is restoring health for both men and women through balancing hormones. She often says it’s healing through hormones. Shari loves figuring out a complicated client and finding the root of the problem.


Shari has extra training and certifications in the management of obesity. She has dealt with weight issues herself. This makes her a very compassionate provider to add to our weight loss program. Shari understands that losing weight is often a complicated issue that needs to be treated with empathy. She loves helping others work on lifestyle changes and medication management to get them to their health goals. It is always a judgment free environment.

Shari enjoys anything to do with the red rocks of southern Utah. She enjoys sandy beaches, water, and anything involving sunshine. Shari loves Utes football and married into a Denver Broncos family. So she has become a die hard Broncos fan!  Shari loves spending time with her cute kids. But enjoys her time with her grandkids even more!  She has been known to do some pretty crazy things on her Nana adventures.


Megan Beach

Megan is an Electrodermal Analysis Technologist at The Health Spot. She is a licensed EMT and has worked in multiple medical settings for the last 13 years. Megan has always loved helping people and helping find the root cause as to why people are feeling the way they do. She feels that good medical care stems from empathy and making sure that everyone feels they are being well taken care of and understood.


Megan has three boys and a golden retriever and loves to dedicate her time to being a sports mom and doing all things active.

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